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About Us

Experience and Passion

The Purater has grown from personal passion for clean water and air and a humble beginnings as a small water treatment company, to providing reliable water purification equipment with a personal touch through north America.

Whether your water treatment necessities are Residential, Municipal, Commercial, Industrial or Rural, Purater Water Distiller Shop and its staff of trained Water Technician bring years of experience in a wide variety of water distillation and purification.

Water Distillation is our recommendation

Word of mouth and recommendations have carried us from the early days and through the toughest financial years to where we are today.

It's simple really. A company and its people has to gain the trust of the community through relationships and a body of quality work done. By caring about our clients, their water distillation needs, challenges and concerns while providing the best possible service, advice, equipment and craftsmanship possible then the rest takes care of itself.

Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction = Long Lasting Client Relationships

This formula has proven itself to be successful in every aspect of what we do. Both our Local and Online Service divisions continue to enjoy long lasting client relationships that have stayed strong and committed for decades.

We at Purater Water Distiller Shop would love to hear from you. Please let us know how Purater Water Distiller Shop products have improved your health. If you have a question comment regarding our products and services, complete the form below, send us an email or simply call us. 

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Toll Free: +1833 997 1205

Address: 915 E Cordova St #4193, Vancouver, BC V6A 4B8