How does a water distiller Work?

Water Distillation: How does a water distiller Work?

Water distillers are made to produce pure clean water with constant quality over time. Despite filtration, distillation will always provide you consistent quality pure water. The process is the same as the process that nature uses to puffy water for millions of years. In fact, the water that you are drinking now might have been drunk by a dinosaur 4 million years ago.

In nature, water warms up, it then evaporated leaving behind all contamination, turned into could and rained down as pure water. To distill water like nature, you need a heat basis and a condenser. Since water has a lower evaporation point than contaminants and minerals like salt, bacteria, heavy metals, calcium, and phosphorus, when you boil water, the water turns into vapor and leaves everything else behind. The water vapor is routed through the condensing coil that cools it down and turns back to liquid pure water, all the unwanted elements stay in the boiling chamber. The images below show the distillation process.



What about minerals? Distilled water doesn’t have minerals.
Your best source of minerals is food, not water. However, If you want you can add back minerals to your distilled water using our all natural mineral stones. Your tap water may have some minerals or too many minerals. At the same time, it also has contamination. If mineral in water is your concern, we have mineral stones that you can place in your distiller collection jugs that release beneficial clean minerals into your water. Problem solved. Now you can have your own clean spring mineral water rich in magnesium right in your kitchen.


Water Distiller Types
The most common water distillers homes are countertop home water distiller that is small enough to be placed on a countertop. For this distiller, you will manually pour water into it, press a button and it will shut itself off after the cycle is finished. We also offer fully automatic water distiller that is connected directly to the water supply and automatically fills the water distiller.


Home Water Distiller 

Drinking clean water is the top priority and significant health factor for every home. It is important to have an efficient water purification solution to allow the purest water to be a part of your family’s lifestyle.

Home water distiller is the ONLY way to have a consistent quality of clean water. Here is chart comparing different methods of water purification.

home water distiller v.s reverse osmosis

The United Nations, FEMA, and Red Cross all recommend water distillation as the most superior purification process for water used in homes.

The government of Canada also recommends home water distiller as the best method to purify water.