water distillers for sale
water distillers for sale
dental water distiller wl2800 box
water distillers for sale
water distillers for sale

Dental Office Water Distiller | WaterLovers

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Dental Water Distillers by Purater

This  dental water distiller includes 2 years warranty for commercial use in dental office. It is also a fully certified water distiller for safety and efficiency.

Dental water distiller by Purater is the best choice when it comes to ease of use, portability, affordability and compactness. Dental offices are struggling with the ever increasing cost of equipment and limited space, as well as limited time and budget for maintaining their office. Purater water distiller address these challenges and provides a friendly and effective solution. Dental water distiller by Purater is easy to use with low maintenance requirements. The chamber can be cleaned by just rinsing it off once every 2-3 month. Our dental water distiller is also very easy to set up and use. Just plug your water distiller to the outlet, fill the chamber with water and press the start button. It’s now ready to use!


Purater water distiller provides up to 4 liters per cycles and up to 5 cycles per day. It is the most affordable dental water distiller in the market. Simply find any other comparable distiller and we will match the price! That’s our guarantee! Dental water distiller by Purater is compact in size, thus making it easy to move around and demands less space! You can easily put it up anywhere without compromising on your office space.


Clean water and hygienic surroundings form the basis of any medical institute or office. It is important to not only provide clean water for patients but also for the staff and other people working in your dental office. Many medical issues and common diseases are caused by unclean water and as a dental office or doctor it is necessary for you to take note of such important and necessary steps. With Purater Dental Water Distiller you can be rest assured of offering and consuming clean water every time and maintain a safe and healthy environment.


Get your Purater Dental Water Distiller and enhance the quality of your working space. It’s a mark of quality and an assurance of the best services. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and go beyond our way to delight our customers with the best of services and products!



Why use a dental water distiller?

Distilled water is an important key in preventing bacteria and bio-film water lines so you can provide a safe water supply for your patients. Pure distilled water also allows for optimum operation, reduced maintenance and increased lifespan for your autoclaves.

Prevent bad experience like  not getting water out of your high-speed hand piece. A call to technician cost you a lot of money to find there are green or brown slime in your tubing. This is biofilm. Biofilm is different types of bacteria colony that is to eliminate. Biofilm is also a patient safety concern. ADA wants all dentists to take this seriously . All of this problem can be solved by using a dental water distiller


Another costly bad experience in dental offices is with autoclave. If your autoclave needs frequent cleaning or simply won’t function because the water that you are using isn’t as pure as it needs to be. Using high quality distilled water made by Purater Dental Water Distiller WL2800 is the answer to this problem.


Why Any Dentist Must Use Distilled Water?


Reason #1: Bacteria & Biofilm

According to the American Dental Association, dental unit waterlines have been shown to contain a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, and protozoans. This can be prevented by using distilled water.

Reason #2: Sensitive Autoclaves

New autoclaves and Statim® machines require very pure water on a consistent basis or they will not operate properly, will require frequent cleaning and maintenance and could have a shortened lifespan. Increase this lifespan by using pure distilled

Reason #3: Cost of Bottled Water and time of Staff

All dentists should use distilled water in their dental units and autoclaves, but bottled distilled water is heavy, it wastes employee time and it’s expensive.

Preven bio-film build-up in your dental units by using dental water distiller

Biofilm build-up in your dental units is a serious patient safety issue that can be a legal risk and can affect patient confidence. The ADA encourages all dentists to take this issue seriously. By only using distilled water in your dental units you are taking an important step to prevent bacterial and biofilm contamination.


Dental Water Distiller to Protect your expensive dental equipment

Common contaminants in tap water such as hardness, minerals, and algae can interfere with your expensive dental equipment, shorten the lifespan and greatly increase cleaning and maintenance frequency. By using only pure, distilled water in your dental equipment, such as autoclaves, you can save thousands of dollars over the years.


Dental Water Distiller Features & Benefits

  • Produces 100% Pure Distilled Water with 0 ppm (Parts per Million)
  • European Style product design
  • Convenient travel friendly counter top design
  • Water never comes into contact with any plastic
  • Compact and easy to refill boiling reservoir
  • Heavy duty Borosilicate Glass Jug with Stainless Steel lid and silicon cap

Dental Distiller Specifications


  • Input: 110V / 220V AC
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power Output: Rapid Boil 1500W / 500-750W
  • Efficiency: 99%
  • Glass Jug Volume: 2.8 Litres
  • Net Weight: 5.6kg
  • Dimensions metirc: 35cm L x 25cm W x 35cm H
  • Dimensions Imperial : 14in L x 10in W x 14 in H
  • Designed & Engineered in Australia / Netherlands

Water Distillation with Smart Technology

  • This top quality water distiller has Protective Anti-Boil Dry Digital Sensor (leaving 10ml water at the end of each cycle to reduce scale buildup)
  • Condensor Overheat Protection
  • Smart adjustment of heating power (Automatically detects room temperature to adjust power usage during distillation)
  • Fan and Vent protection (Auto shutdown if obstructed)

Dental Water Distiller Top Quality Materials

  • Unit Exterior: Heavy Gauge Food Grade Polypropylene
  • Boiling Reservoir Interior: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Water Flow Condenser Tube: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Heating Element: Aluminium Alloy (Does not touch water)
  • Activated Charcoal Filter Tray: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Glass Jug: 4mm Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Jug Lid: 304 Stainless Steel

The Only Fully Certified Water Distiller 

CE / CB / ROHS / CCC / SAA / RCM / TUV / GS / ETL / FC/ ETL / FC

This dental water distiller is built to last for. It is the only water distiller in the market with all the safety and efficiency water distillation certificate. Above is the list of all certificate that this water distiller carries. Rest assure this is the best dental water distiller you can buy.   



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