Water Distillers by Purater

Home water Distillers by Purater. Why?

Purater is where you buy water distillers. Why? because Purater is provider of only acknowledged name brand water distillers and filtration systems. We only sell fully certified water distillers at a competitive price and with outstanding service. In choosing our distilled water machine we make sure the following factors are met.

  • All of our distiller are 100% stainless steel and glass with no plastic coming into contact with water or steam. 
  • All of our distillers are fully certified with all required certifications.


  • We guarantee the lowest price on our distillers and beat any offer you have by 5% extra discount.

Most water distillers are quite bulky and require an elaborate installation process before you can even start using the product. In comparison, Purater offers countertop water distiller that is as simple to use as unwrapping from the box and setting up on a convenient surface. The distiller can fit on conventional sized counter-tops and used immediately after placement to enjoy pure distilled water each day.