About us

Water distillers by Purater
Purater water distiller began with a personal pursuit for pure water. While living in Toronto, Canada I discovered bacteria and parasites and lead in our water. My concern for the health of my family led me to steam distillation, widely recognized as the "gold standard" in water purification. What began as a concern became a lifelong conviction.

we dedicated our company to helping you discover an improved quality of life through healthy lifestyle products. Over the years we've received thousands of letters and Emails telling us how purified air and water have enhanced the quality of your life. These stories of improved health and peace of mind are a constant source of inspiration.

Your lifestyle is a matter of personal choice. While exercise and special dietary programs are important, they can be laborious and time-consuming. Purater water distiller provides beneficial results with a minimum investment of time and energy.

We want every person be educated about the benefits of pure water. We want you to know that distilled water is the healthiest water you can drink. It is free of all pollutant and chemicals added to purify water in municipal water purification system.

We believe you'll agree that when it comes to water purity, Purater is the name you can trust for the best water distiller in the market.